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The Art of communicating without words!

What is Telepathy???

What I understand by it is that it is Communication through mental thoughts without using any words. Is it really true? Can we actually do that??

I say YES. Coz I have experienced it. Whenever I think about someone, I get a message or call from them. And it also happens that I am thinking about asking a question to a person and surprisingly I get the answer without asking.. And it feels amazing. U feel that the person understands you so well. This is telepathy.

To be able to communicate with ur thoughts, u need to be on the same wavelength. Its like catching the radio signals. If you are not using the same wavelength, you would not be able to receive the message or will receive an un-clear message. If we just observe our daily communication, we will find that it is not a big thing to communicate with ur thoughts. It is inside us. Its just that we tend to ignore it thinking it to be a mere coincidence.

It is all about our thoughts and mental power. Its true. I believe it. 🙂