The Art of communicating without words!

What is Telepathy???

What I understand by it is that it is Communication through mental thoughts without using any words. Is it really true? Can we actually do that??

I say YES. Coz I have experienced it. Whenever I think about someone, I get a message or call from them. And it also happens that I am thinking about asking a question to a person and surprisingly I get the answer without asking.. And it feels amazing. U feel that the person understands you so well. This is telepathy.

To be able to communicate with ur thoughts, u need to be on the same wavelength. Its like catching the radio signals. If you are not using the same wavelength, you would not be able to receive the message or will receive an un-clear message. If we just observe our daily communication, we will find that it is not a big thing to communicate with ur thoughts. It is inside us. Its just that we tend to ignore it thinking it to be a mere coincidence.

It is all about our thoughts and mental power. Its true. I believe it. 🙂


Connected to my last post

I was not being immoral. I was right on my part. It is not at all my mistake. I thought a lot about this last night, even discussed it with my hubby. Even he feels I am correct. Its just the situation that has turned up this way.

So finally, m satisfied. I atleast won’t think about this anymore. 🙂

That’s all. End of this chapter. 🙂 No glitches from my end. 😀


Life’s Crossroads – Why Does this happen?

Sometimes life brings you to such crossroads where you need to choose between your morals and your wishes. This is when most people make a mistake, including me. I chose being immoral. At-least I could have tried to clarify it at that point of time, when it was most needed. It’s too late now. Sometimes keeping your mouth shut is not the correct option. I have understood this today.


My first public post!

Hello all,

By profession i am a Technical Writer, but i don’t know why i have been unable to write a proper blog till now. I always wanted to write blogs n I have finally decided to write my heart out. Who cares what others think!! (sometimes I do, even if I don’t want to). Now, I don’t really have a specific topic to discuss or write about. As i have started my post by introducing you to my profession, I wish to share my experience of how did I get here. Maybe it would not be worth reading for anyone else, but then i want to pen down my feelings. Nywys, i have already decided not to care about what others think and their opinion about my blog ;). 

My life has always been smooth (touch-wood!), not much struggle involved. I guess its because I have never had any long term plans for my life or any expectations from it. I have just let it go, without any pre-thoughts (i know its not a perfect word ;)) of how I want it to be. To a certain point this is a good habit or I would say behavior towards life, because anyways everything is not in your hand. Its all about what situation you are in and how things turn up. you just need to react according to the circumstances. This is the reason I feel you should have short term goals and plans in your life. It makes it easier to attain them and also gives you a self satisfaction. Maybe I feel this way coz this has worked for me always and this won’t be true for everyone else. For me long term plans have never been fruitful. Always leads me in an opposite direction, so finally I have stopped thinking of future (atleast tried to).

This same situation has taken shape in my career and education. I never thought of becoming a Technical Writer (infact I did not even know there is such a post offered before I was given this opportunity. LOL).  I was a Science student in my high school. I never thought of taking it up, I always wanted to be an Arts graduate (see.. U-turn!). It was a gift from my teachers and may be peers that i took up science as my main subject. At that age you are not that much matured to take up this decision as to what would be good for you and your career. Atleast I had a very minimal idea of what I was doing and what effect it would have in my career. Just went with the flow, got good marks in my board exams (bright student u know ;)), teachers suggested that I should take up Science and I did it. Even my parents have never got much involved into what I should do and what not. They always left the decision on me. That was the best part i guess, coz I have seen parents pressurizing their kids to score good marks and make their life hell. Thank you God for giving me such nice parents. Love them!

Now, after school, being a science (specifically Maths) student, I took up Engineering. That too Information Technology (I.T.). I did not have a slightest idea of what I.T. is, just took up coz it was or is one of the booming sector at that point. I did not know what I wanted for myself, what I wanted to do. 4 years passed, i did not gain much knowledge, coz it was not at all what i was interested in. My logic was ZERO. It is said that you can excel in a task only when you have your heart in it i.e. only if you love doing it. I realized this fact a bit late, in my last semester of B.E. I.T. ( maybe too late)!! And being a girl belonging to an Indian family, already pressure for marriage was building up.

Realization 1 – At that point I realized what I have done to my life, I was nothing, didn’t know anything. It was the first time I thought about myself and my career and fought for myself.

I told my family about my wish to study further, pursue post graduation in business administration and that too in a good college far from my town. Did not know how I would be able to do this, confused that would it be a good decision for my career or not? In our caste, most of the girls are not allowed to work after marriage, so didn’t know it was worth or not, but I had to take a step, atleast for myself and my family. There were a lot of hindrances, but then I was successful in convincing my family and most important my self. I finally made through it. This was one of the best decisions of my life. 😀 🙂

Pursued my MBA from a good college in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), far from home. Life taught me a lot many lessons – I realized the importance of family, started loving them even more, learned to be independent, made friends, and much more. This was the best phase of my life till now. I got to understand myself more. I finally knew what I wanted from Life. But then as I said before, I did not trust life. It can take a U-turn anytime. So no expectations. I just took up the opportunities that life threw towards me, rather than waiting and choosing. Thankfully, Life had decided to give me what I wanted and not the opposite this time. Completed my Masters with flying colors 🙂 and was offered a job as a Technical Writer. This post was offered to me because of my career choice ( B.E. + MBA) i.e. technical knowledge plus communication skills.

Realization 2 – My I.T. knowledge and my 4 years of hard work (not that much hard ;)) did not go waste.

Realization 3 – Started believing that Life always gives you what you deserve.

If i wouldn’t have got this job, I knew i was not fit for a sales job. Life knew I always wanted to be into this field (the reason I loved Arts). Thank you God for giving me what is the best for me. So now, at present, being a fresher into this field, I am a novice who does not know much about this field, but wish to excel and learn and grow. I hope life takes me to a point where I can thank it all the time, as i am doing now. Please God, be with me always. Just give me the strength that I would be able to keep everyone around me happy, coz that gives me satisfaction. 🙂

Soon after joining my first job, recently I got married (before exactly a month and 8 days). Happy with this part of life too… Really thankful to God. Gave me the best. Always. Will talk about this in my next post (if i write)!!

Realization 4 – I can definately be a great writer. LOL. I don’t believe I have already written 1100+ words long writeup :o!! 

I am sure people reading this must be bored. But m happy :).

I don’t know if I again be writing any public post (definitely wish to and that too soon).

Finally – Love Life. Live it fully. Stop expecting much. Believe and trust GOD. You will get what you deserve and what is best for you. 😀