Bubble of Joy

This made me smile too!! I agree with the funda- ‘Bubble of Joy’.

This post reminds me that ‘You yourself can be the reason of your happiness. Bring Joy to yourself and others.’

Just A Small Town Girl...

Maybe it was because the weather was so lovely and summery yesturday so I was seeing the world through a Disney-esque, rose-coloured filter, but I noticed that in general, central Londoners seemed a lot happier!

Considering London is notorious for having a population of rude snobs, somehow I managed to pass three people on my way to work who were smiling to themselves as they were walking. And it wasn’t in a creepy way, it was in a genuinely happy way.

There’s something oddly endearing about seeing a person smiling to themselves and I found myself inventing scenarios in my head for what could have made them so contented. The teenage girl must’ve be on her way to meet a guy she likes; the middle aged man must’ve just got a call from his wife saying that their son spoke his first word a few minutes ago. Yeah I have an…

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