True Romance

Loved this one!!

Its so true. What really matters is the real romance in the relationship….!!!

A must read 🙂

Time Flies


I’m a superficial romantic. I love flowers, nice dinners, and all sorts of other things that you see or read about in those great love stories. But I never forget that behind all those enchanting tales real life is just around the corner. Yes, who doesn’t like to get swept off their feet, wined, dined, and romanced? But in the end, do all those things stand as abiding examples of real romance? To that I offer a very resolute no.

There are a few reasons I think that real romance is comprised of much sturdier material than rose petals and caviar, but since this is a blog that is about senior living, you are right if you guessed that it might have something to do with my vocation. Over the last 14 years I have had the honor of witnessing some remarkable people who have shown that even after decades…

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3 thoughts on “True Romance

      1. Thanks- I’m new to blogging- this is post #6 so I love the encouraging words. Also it’s great to have others embrace something so near and dear to my own heart.

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