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To my little one

Started in April’18:

The last 15 months of my life have gone by like a breeze – yes, my little one is 15 months old!

Update – September’18:

Have been very lazy for the last year, didn’t even care to open WP. Back on track (Hopefully :P).

You are now a BIG BOY – 21 months old, O my God, Didn’t know time moves so fast. You’ve started talking, you imitate us – repeat what we say, we have to be very careful while talking in front of you :P. You are learning things so fast, we are so proud of you, we love you so much <3.

Let me just make a list of things you love doing:

  • Going out – be it parks, malls anything. You just don’t want to be at home 😀
  • You are so happy wen I reach home, I love the way you hug me. Your eyes communicate so much ❤
  • I’m so happy that you love your Nani’s gift so much – the tricycle 🙂
  • You fav blanket, you don’t sleep without it in summers too 😮
  • Mobiles 😐 I know I am responsible for this habit!

More on this later (I’m in office now :P)






4months !!

To my Son,

You are 4 months old today. Can’t believe time moves so fast. The little one in my arms has now grown up – recognizes me and smiles. I love the way you look at me. Love you for being such a sweetheart.

It’s now time for me to join my job, it makes me feel so guilty. It makes me sad. I keep thinking how you will be able to manage – will you miss me? Will you be giving me this same smile when I leave for the day and when I am back? I would look forward to it. 

I want to be with you – when you first turn on your tummy, crawl, sit and take your first step. I don’t want to miss all of it. But you know what, it is equally important for me to join – I am not being selfish here. I know it’s the best decision for both of us. I want to give you the best in your life. I want you to look up to me and your dad. We love you a lot. 

We will enjoy our time together after my office hours. Love you dear. Mumma loves you so much!! 😘


It’s a Boy!!

Blessed with a Baby boy on 22nd December 2016. It’s more than 3 months now. Enjoying motherhood to the fullest!! 

Life has been a roller coaster ride. Wanted to document all my experiences. May be in the next post!! Till then good bye 😘

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Jealousy – Green-Eyed Monster!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Green-Eyed Monster.”

Tell us about the last time you were really, truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship?

I am jealous of two types of people:

  1. The ones who eat too much – but their weight remains stagnant. I ENVY them!! People like me (and I know there are many out there) who eat the minimum required and still are obese 😦 Tell me howz that fair???
  2. The ones who follow a strict healthy routine of diet and exercise. I truly respect and envy them at times!! How can people be so committed? I am toooo lazy 😐 Can’t even wake up early – forget exercising! Every new year or should I say every month I decide to eat healthy and exercise – but as usual IFAIL!! Nywys Fingers crossed for the next resolution 😉